Ontology Recapitulates Psychogeometry

by Z(enseider)Z

Moksha 05:27


This album has been reviewed as an experiment with ritual ambiance run through an outstanding DAW. No doubt we own up to this label as it fits in line with what we set out to accomplish in the first place. Some of the tracks later on in the LP grow steadily more abrasive, but we see that as an evolution of cranial circuitry and not necessarily a decline or deterioration in musicianship.

We toyed around with some interesting frequency modulators on this record as we did on the previous LP "Zero Point Gravitation" such as the use of various forms of audio sigilization techniques. Some as simple as converting non-audio formatted files to audio files by changing the file extension and then importing the raw data into an actual audio file, all the way to scrambling up spoken statements of intent in a variety of ways and means.

We also toyed about with a number of plug-ins which formulate sound to compose binaural recordings. And, with the assistance of more seasoned musicians we also dabbled in the art of cymatics, having acquired a virtual oscillator we worked with different mediums (and a few expensive omni-directional microphones) to produce subtle differences in frequency. Some of the material gathered from these session got implemented in a few of the more ethereal tracks on the record.

Without fail we utilized (what we consider) a rare strain of gematriac embedding to organize the arrangement of notes getting played throughout the entirety of the album including the vastly impenetrable, dare we say, irritating noise aspects driving the LP's backbone. We also found plug-ins to work producing low-level effectuating isochronic tones which over time have proved very useful in meditative work during the tracks upon which we utilized those particular plug-ins.

All of this synchromystical augury adds up to a very fine collection of instrumental songs we remain immensely proud of. This intensifies the reason we have waited so long to drop another album. We wish to outdo ourselves and progress forward, not backslide and rest on our laurels. We will require the assistance of some of our more experienced collaborators on this next upcoming album. It will prove to topple all the rest and bring out the beast in us all.

Mitochondrial Secrets

"We are them who have created us".
(John C. Lilly)

"Individual ontology not only recapitulates all previous atavisms but also prognosticates the manifestation of all probable/possible future species phylogeny. "Humanoids" are playing "hide and seek", abducting themselves throughout theoretical "time". Converging time lines, swirling in the tao of chaos, create and destroy infinite possibilities of variation.

All possibilities are submitted equally to eternity, not hierarchically, nor in competition, but in continual flux, redundancy replaced by efficiency, ultimate probability walking hand in hand with endless possibility.

As infinite space and the stars thereof doles out information on a need to know basis, encapsulated within the Mitochondrial DNA, within the molecular, within the sub-atomic, the strobing illusion of time melts into the heedless abyss of never and always. Our origins as unicellular flagellates congeals with our destination as Technomancers. Cyber-shamens, co-creators of infinite "memetic codes"; scripts to serve as shiny beacons illuminating nothing and everything, yesterday and tomorrow."



released March 20, 2015

Mixed and Engineered by Eian Orange




Z(enseider)Z Brick Township, New Jersey

Premiere aural catharsis and designer sophistry for psyberpunk scumfucks and bottom-feeding occultural scenesters.

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