by Z(enseider)Z

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released March 20, 2008

Mixed and Engineered by Eian Orange

Artists present on the album: Eian O, Profit, Gambit, M-greaze




Z(enseider)Z Stafford Township, New Jersey

Premiere aural catharsis and designer sophistry for psyberpunk scumfucks and bottom-feeding occultural scenesters

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Track Name: Black Osiris
yo i'm on the wavelength people think i'm talkin code

ain'tchu tho?

nah, dog ain't even close..

more like Leroy steady chasin that golden glow something like phenomena 'cept without okey doe
rams horns, tall plumes framin a white crown dead king the netherworld risin out the underground
prophets of the aeon perpetratin the panic patrol whole new millenial techniques of mind control

yeah that's right Black Osiris pushin daisies gyroscopic motion got me Lucifugin' babies
feelin type submerged best be raisin the periscope sub-conscious level keep it real up in the microscope
koph croco-dials keep full control of styles yo fortunate wheels got these protocols from Cairo
yeah i'ma Anubis Set with this shit come test your boy if you think you got skills, kid

DAT aint backtalk, ain't no cake walk crosslegged whiteboy niggawhat blacktalk
modern mythology massive media conspiracy fuck your shorty right bitch won't stop callin me
being and becoming superimpose one another people talkin about that code motherfucker

lets be droppin 10 strips subtle aethers converge more like 10 spheres skippin off a heavy merge
apples in a tree is a big leafy nuttin flower digestive tract be runnin off of solar power
burn marine layers off ya optical vibe conscious level steady preachin freedom of mind
polluted to the core best to open your eyes cross pollinate the wind carry memes thru-out skies

no way fool, see my lycanthropic disguise instant metamorphosis transform into O-prime
contaminatin solid shape-shiftcha fuckin paradigm shit outta luck god world views be pantomime
frame by frame train wreck stop motion animated crook 'n' flail sarcophogus necropolis consecrated
native tongue originated dynasties dominated contacts from Karnak the mainlines exaggerated

language barriers gotchu scratchin your skull knot Maxwell Housin shit rhymes be good to the last drop
split second morphogenetic energy fields kinetic potential concentration open the presence pathetic
speak forgotten Coptic gotta pre-Thotic dialect meta optic visual residuals is retrospect
breakin out the box, bustin up the metanarrative ain't no comparative: there's only one imperative

open your eyes, just to open your eyes, Black Osiris gettin loose so open your eyes
just open your eyes, gotta open your eyes, unlock the manacles n open your fuckin eyes
open your eyes, just to open your eyes, brother octopus the 1&2's open your eyes
just open your eyes, gotta open your eyes, unlock the manacles ya life's on the line

watcher in the twilight standin at the threshold trace the constellation on the Giza plateau
find Orion's belt be aligned with the pyramids Khufu knew his shit buildin UFO landin strips
body resurrectin in the skies over ancient Memphis forty two judges handin down afterlife sentence
gateway be guarded by a pair of viscous jackals on the path of post-mortem pimpin mortuary shackles

it's a dog eat dog food world feed the beast s'all in the game best to lie, steal, and cheat
we are what we consume take your motherfuckin vitamins say it again don't regret the shit'chu might've been
fast track the slow lane new age is old news InI plural still payin them dues, my dude
wrappin science teeth around archetypal obstacles rock paper scissor trigger finger can't figure m'nigga

believe half of whatchu see and none of whatchu read cuz bullshit blossom when you germinate the seed
primordial soup in the primeval oceans think you gotta chance in hell damn you must be jokin
peoples in my pupils spray paintin they eyes closed got enough green to keep all of upper Egypt stoned
fully independent rap solo be holdin my own yo you just got no flow

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