Bardo Tellus Server Core Dump

by Z(enseider)Z

Volunteer 01:11
Pore 03:33


An arbitrarily descriptive free-association of generative impressions

A nightmarish, clumsy, Vaudevillian street-theatre performance of talentless idiocy and methodical incompetence. Nauseatingly excruciable examples of humankind's inept attempts at decisively quantifying the ineffably complex and unpredictably unstable recursion of infinite chaos.

A paradox turned pacifier presently being distributed to an unwitting populus as a mandatory sedative for the satrap of psychological saturation that unleashes hordes of serotonin sucking psychic vampires to prey upon self-obsessed sycophants and soulless simpletons.

Randomly rearranging and all too quickly dissipating the inconsistently interchangeable consequences of consciousness.

An eternal modulation of subatomic particulars throbs in tumultuous ecstasy beneath the surfacial simulation of this interactive holographic virtual environment we call the Bardo Tellus Server.

The time has arrived for an outright Core Dump of absolutely all of the sealed contents and seated components contained in the physical console of this poorly contrived Matrix in the making.

From the universal power supply to the integrated circuit chip we're about to scratch the surface of the hard drive and start reformatting the master disk.


released December 22, 2006

Mixed and Engineered by Eian Orange




Z(enseider)Z Brick Township, New Jersey

Premiere aural catharsis and designer sophistry for psyberpunk scumfucks and bottom-feeding occultural scenesters.

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